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It was an outgrowth of efforts to challenge the claims of the Nordic Aquafarms proposed land based salmon farm. During the extensive permitting process necessary for final approval for the project, it became apparent that the ownership of what is called the “intertidal zone”, through which Nordic would put their discharge pipes should be challenged.

Extensive research into ownership of that area revealed that ownership is not as Nordic claims, but is attached to a nearby property. In agreement with the owners of that property, the Friends of HLH Conservation Area was formed to challenge Nordic in what was anticipated to be...and has turned out to be....a protracted and very expensive legal battle. In addition and as part of its ongoing efforts toward the improved health of coastal Penobscot Bay and surrounds, the Friends is exploring ideas for specific restoration projects in and around Belfast.

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Who is Dr. Harriet L. Hartley?

Harriet L. Hartley was born in Philadelphia in 1874. Dr. Hartley graduated from medical school in 1903 and became a professor of surgery with a specialty in pediatrics, an advocate for public health, and a champion of women in medicine. She and her husband moved to Belfast in the 1920s where they owned a large property on the Little River.

Over the years, Dr. Hartley sold some of the property, but intentionally retained possession of the intertidal zone fronting her original tract. When the final piece of her land was sold in the 1950s, Dr. Hartley attached a covenant that stated, “...it is to be used for residential purposes only, that no businesses for profit are to be conducted there…” That covenant passed down in all subsequent deeds, as did the ownership of the intertidal zones.

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