August 12, 2021
Belfast City Council Votes to Take Private Land
by Eminent Domain

Legal Action Follows

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June 2021
Report on the Title, Right and Interest Court Case 

"He said, he said." Which Surveyor Got it Right?
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The Friends of Harriet L. Hartley Conservation Area is a grassroots volunteer powered non-profit organization made up of those who share a deep love and devotion to our community and its precious natural resources.

Our Mission

• Support coastal land conservation now and for future generations
• Conserve and protect the waters of Belfast Bay and its watershed
• Promote Ecology/balance: the continued restoration of native flora and fauna to its ecosystem
• Collaborate with local citizen organizations working toward a common goal of environmental stewardship and ethical management of resources

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The Friends of Harriet L. Hartley Conservation Area formed in 2019 to protect and continue Dr. Hartley’s legacy. 

The conservation area is the inter-tidal zone that extends along three properties just north of the Little River. Owners Jeffrey Mabee and Judith Grace put the area into a conservation easement to honor the wishes of Dr. Hartley and to secure its undeveloped nature for future generations.

        We believe in rigorous scientific inquiry and study to evaluate
and inform decisions that affect the health and well-being
of the environs and the community.